Monday, January 29, 2007

My only shower in five days!

This is a photo of me rappelling off a waterfall in the Blue Mountains. Doing a little canyoning in the Blues was a great way to spend a rest day, and was very refreshing!


And yet another great climbing spot outside of Sydney! This is me climbing at Nowra and I'm totally enjoying myself! I am on a climb called sandy beach (aussie grade 21) .....just another day at the office.


This is a photo of a Funnel-web spider! My buddy Shaun found it crawling up his arm in the middle of the night. Shaun thought that he had been bitten, and could not go back to sleep for awhile. I however did go back to sleep....after checking my tent. And when I awoke I was glad to see Shaun still alive!

Blue Mts. "Dog Face"

This is a photo of me in front of "Dog Face" at the Blue Mountains. This is just one of many endless crags in the the Blues, truly more then a lifetimes worth of climbing here. Only two hours outside of Sydney, this place has some great climbing!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Farewell Thailand

Thailand.....what a great adventure! Today is my last day in Thailand and it has been a truly unique experience. I have extremely enjoyed the culture, people, food, weather, rock, and smiling faces. I leave tomorrow for Sydney for two weeks and then Melbourne for another two! I am really itching to get back on the rock and am very excited! I will keep you all updated on my trip as I go, and I hope all is well.



This is one of the many great tigers that I was able to be with and pet! At the tiger sanctuary outside of Bangkok they take in many small cubs that might have otherwise died in the wild and care for them. They now have eighteen big tigers and a couple cubs witch I also got to play with. This was a huge highlight for me and these animals are truly amazing! The cats get fed in the morning and like all cats lay around and sleep most of the day, so for the most part are docile. I did have one try to get to me though, but the monks know what they are doing. I also got to walk a tiger on a leash which was great! I will have to show you guys more pics when I get back...I have tons.

Could I get fries with that?

Here is a Photo of the floating market outside of Bangkok.


This is a Photo of me at Angkor Wat in Cambodia!


This is a photo of the river that runs past Vang Vein in Laos. This was just one of my three destinations in Laos that I visited and it just so happened to be the best. My time here was spent biking, caving, and swimming in these crazy blue lagoons. The baguettes in Laos were so great due to the fact it was French territory.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Land of smiles

This is a photo of some of the brightest smiles at the Care Corner Orphanage in Chiang Mai (when they are not eating). There are 76 kids at the orphanage, but the kids you see in this picture are all diagnosed with HIV. They are so young and special, it tears me up to know that there are chances of survival is slim. I was very thankful to help out at CCO for a couple of days. It has been one of the highlights on my trip!