Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just another sunset

The day is done and now it's time for some great Thai food!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Just lay'n back on the beach

This is a photo of JJ pull'n hard on the beach. These West Virgina boys can crank!

The Swedish connection

This is a photo of me and my buddy form Sweden.

Birds eye view

It's a long way down! And now comes the not so fun part of rappelling down..... And you better remember to back clip other wise you'll be dangling in space! A Prusik can come in real handy.

Tonsai from the top

This is a photo of Tonsai from the top!

The Love of Traveling

This is a photo of me on a climb called "Love of Traveling" 7A+, and I almost got the on site!

Monday, December 4, 2006

One of many

This photo is one of many islands to go cliff jumping on or just snorkel around.


This is a photo of me at the lookout.....looking onto Railey east and Railey west.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Leap of faith

This is a photo of Jess taking the leap of faith, it does not look that far until you get up there!

Rest Day

My rest days include climbing up with no shoes and taking a grip of photos of all my bros.


Cory and I made like a 50 mile ride on our "Hogs" 100cc scooters in pouring rain at night.....with crazy ass drivers on the road! We were lucky to have made it back in one piece.

Thumbs Up

This is a photo of my good buddy Cory giving me the thumbs up before we go on our open water dive! The diving is simply amazing, I can't wait for my next dive!

Another Off Day

Just chill'n on the beach!


There are Monkeys everywhere!! They will come right up and touch you if you let them.

Full Moon

I have no idea what these are called, but during the full moon party the sky is full of them! ......Looks really cool!

Another MP

This is a photo of me in deep thought, about going for a swim right after this climb!

My Project

This is a photo of me on "Tidal Wave" my ultimate project! And I must send it before I leave.


This is a photo of my buddy Shaun from Australia on top of a five pitch climb called, "The Wave." What a great climb!

To The Bar!

Just one big rappel right down to the bar!


This is a photo of my friend Kei, from Macau China. He sent this climb, "Cafe Andaman," not too long after this photo. This is a great climb that took me eight tries to get clean!


My good friends from back home...originally Argentina. Galo and Pachu were with me on my first week here, and it was really cool hang'n out with them.

Ao Nang Tower..again!

This is another photo of me on, " Ao Nang Tower!"

Ao Nang Tower

One of many great multi-pitch climbs....

This photo was taken on top of Ao Nang Tower, a giant tower of rock that jets up from the beautiful turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. This is a three pitch climb that has great exposure topping out with a great view. You can only access this climb by boat, and on the way down you rappel right back into the long tail boat in which you came.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Tonsai and Railay


Well, this picture was taken from a climb looking back on the bay. The beach to the left is Tonsai where I am staying and the beach to the right is Railay, which is a plush beach, but has way too many tourists. Tonsai is definitely a chilled climber's paradise and is much less expensive than Railay. This has been my home for the last month and a half and counting!




No words in my vocabulary can do this place justice......truly amazing! These are the islands that I see everyday from Tonsai beach.