Wednesday, August 29, 2007

(Yosemite, CA.) Your mission, if your willing to accept it.....Half Dome, in one day!

This is Half Dome, as seen from the slabs approach. Galo and I started the approach at 9am on Saturday and reached the main wall at 12pm. We were happy that we had made it up the death slabs with no rock fall! We then climbed the first three pitches to fix the ropes to give us a head start the next day. Twenty three pitches, over 2000 ft., on beautiful rock!

Yes, supermodels do climb!

This is Galo and I in front of the "Regular North West Face," our vertical mission. We were extremely happy to find that the spring at the base of the wall was still running.

I'm in the dark here!

This is Galo aiding the 5.11 section on the fourth pitch. We woke up at 3:20am so that we could get on the wall at 4am. With only four hours of sleep there is nothing like three pitches of jumarring to wake you up.

Life is good

We are climbing in paradise, how can you not smile?

The view above the bird's eye view

This is looking back onto the valley, and El Capitan. Unfortunately we could not just sit and soak in this great view all day, we gots to get our climb on.

Chim Chim Charoo

This is me getting started into three pitches of chimney, pitches 12,13,and 14. Pitch 13 got my attention due to the fact it was a little run out, flaring, and a little over hung. Once I got into it, it really was not as bad as it looked.

My favorite pitch of the route!

This is the double hand crack on pitch 17, I had a huge smile on my face after finishing this bad boy!

The "Thank God Ledge"

This ledge is about a foot wide and fifty long. You have to traverse this ledge and at one point it gets really thin and you have to be super slow and delicate. During the thin part, If a fly were to land on your head you would take a whipper. This got the old ticker going, talk about exposure!

One long day!

The sun had beat us, and we had to do the last pitch with our head lamps. Having been on the wall for fifteen hours, this had truly been one long day.

Sweet Victory!

It feels good to be out of my climbing shoes, and even better to be at the top!

It's not over

The next day we walked down from Half Dome, and were ready for some good eats and a nice little swim in the Merced.

Half Dome

I have been wanting to do this route for over a year and it feels great to finally tick it! Oh, happy day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A new hobby

This is a photo of me, at my new hobby of bee keeping! It took me a few times to get comfortable with handling these bad boys. The second time down to my five hives I got swarmed, by one of the not so friendly hives. The bees can sense fear and will come after you, that and they did not like my Old Spice! Oh, and in case your wondering, I do go out dancing in this suit.