Friday, September 28, 2007


This is the island of Telendos, which is right off the shore of Kalymnos. It is great to finally make it to Kalymnos, I have been wanting to come for some time now.

The Grande Grotta

The Grande Grotta, a sweet cave full of great features. If you click on the picture and look close you can see someone climbing on the left.

Sicati Cave with beach

This is me on the trail to the Sicati cave. This is one of the most unique crags that I have ever seen. It looks as if a meteor hit the island leaving a huge hole. This cave is full of sweet looking rock and has some crazy hard man climbs in it. To check out a cool web vid. from Petzl on this cave - click the link below and then click on rock climbing, option. From there select the Roctrip Kalymnos, it's cool!

"Pillar of the Sea"

This is me on a climb called "Pillar of the Sea" - sweet climb!


This is the little town of Masouri on the island of Kalymnos.

A nice litte rest

Click on the picture and follow the rope up, you will see me sitting on a stalactite system. What a great route!


This place rocks!

Chill'n on nature's couch

Just kick'n it.

A great little mantel

This is me working out a sweet little mantel problem. You have to love the sandy landings at the "blue".